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Glenn Beck launches group buying site

Group buying websites, popularized in large part by Groupon and LivingSocial, is one of the hottest markets on the consumer internet right now. As a result, established businesses and entrepreneurs have flooded the space, hoping to capture a little piece of the action.

Despite the fact that online group buying is now generating billions of dollars per year in sales globally, some believe that market is overhyped and, more importantly, unsustainable.

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Five ways to fight commoditization of your business

What's a company's worst nightmare? There are probably a few of them, but one of the worst is commoditization.

Finding your market filled with competition that looks almost identical to your business is a frustrating, disheartening experience, but it's a common one.

Thanks to the ease with which web-based applications and business models can be 'duplicated', most new internet companies will find themselves protected by narrow moats at best.