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Ashley Friedlein at The Future of Digital Marketing 2012 [video]

Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein rounded off last week's Future of Digital Marketing event with a presentation entitled: 'The New Victorians'. 

In it, he looks at key digital trends, focusing on the importance of product managers for online businesses, and why we need more polymaths. 


The Future Of Digital Marketing [Infographic]

Last week we hosted our annual Future Of Digital Marketing (FODM) conference in London. 

One of the things that makes FODM unique is the focus on the practical future. Newly formed ideas and technology that you can actually put to use straight away. 

This year was no different, and while there was a certain amount of theoretical future gazing (takes a bow, haptic contact lenses!)the buzz on Twitter focussed on the practical, with a number of interesting stats and concepts grabbing the lion’s share of ReTweets 

I make a point of monitoring the tweet action at all our events as it provides great insight into the discussion points that really matter to attendees.  

This year, mobile technology, integration and personalisation were all recurring themes. Let's take a look at these in a bit more detail: 


Ten tips for selecting the right industry trade show

holiday inn signTrade organizations. Industry publications. Professional conference producers. Local internet marketing associations. If there's one thing digital marketing has no shortage of, it's trade shows. They come in all shapes and sizes, and take place all over the world.

Currently, we're in the summer trade show lull, but things pick up soon enough. And trade shows aren't cheap. In addition to an admission ticket that can run into the thousands of dollars, there are often associated costs. Not just obvious ones such as travel, hotel and meals, but time spent away from work and clients.

Moreover, all conferences, conventions and industry boondoggles are hardly created equal. So as you assess your tradeshow calendar for the coming season, herewith 10 tips from a veteran of literally thousands of digital marketing shows on how to evaluate what shows are worth your time. And money.