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How to make the most from your next industry conference appearance

Programming an industry conference with quality speakers, relevant keynotes and bantering panelists is no easy task.

The event’s producer must balance commerce and quality by allowing sponsors to buy their way into marque forums while also programming the event with diversity, rising stars, innovators and thoughtful opinion-makers. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Noodle Live

By using mobile app and cloud technology to make it easier for attendees to collect information at exhibitions, Noodle Live have also found a way to give added value to conference organisers and exhibitors.

I spoke to founder Clemi Hardi about improving events with multichannel ideas.


Equity for attendance: has the conference circuit gone too far?

Loren Feldman has a reputation for being Web 2.0's bad boy. He's been highly critical of many of the startups and figures within the Web 2.0 community and doesn't mince words. Yet his popularity proves one thing: quite often, whether we'd admit to it publicly or not, he has a point.

Through Twitter (somewhat ironically), I was led to a video he posted with his comments on the 140 Characters conference, which, as you might guess, was focused on Twitter. Feldman's video is very NSFW but mentioned that the operator of the conference was doing something quite questionable: promoting that he'd take partial payment for the conference fee in equity.


LeWeb '08 - how not to run a technology conference?

Loic LeMeur, a popular French tech entrepreneur and blogger who runs a Web 2.0 startup called Seesmic when he has spare time, is the organizer of LeWeb, arguably one of Europe's most 'star-studded' internet conferences.

The first LeWeb conference took place in 2005 and has grown from a modest 250 attendees that first year to over 1,800 in 2007. As Paul Carr of The Guardian notes in his report on LeWeb 2008, LeWeb has seen its fair share of controversy and criticism in the past.

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