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Consumer electronics SEO: Amazon comes top for organic and paid visibility

Consumer electronics shoppers usually spend a lot of time researching products before they eventually make a decision, which typically involves looking at upwards of 14 sources of information.

This includes searching for advice from consumer publications such as Which, comparison sites and customer reviews.

Organic and paid search is therefore an extremely important tactic for gaining brand exposure during the purchase journey.

There is a mix of competition within this sector as manufacturers, specialist suppliers, ecommerce brands and multichannel retailers attempt to improve market share.

A new report examining which brands achieve the highest visibility for consumer electronics has found that comes top for both organic and paid search, which probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Showrooming may have offline upside: report

Showrooming probably isn't going to make it onto a list of retail executives' favorite words any time soon. After all, the notion that the significant amounts of money required to operate physical stores is increasingly going to waste as consumers use stores to check out products they'll buy cheaper online isn't a pleasant one.

But is all of the fear around the showrooming really justified? According to a study published by Ipsos MediaCT and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the answer may be no.

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Best Buy closes its UK stores

Last year, Best Buy came to the U.K., opening stores and a website, The retailer, a household name in the U.S., hoped to make a big splash by introducing some competition across the pond.

Yet despite a promising start, the venture has likely lost over £100m to date and Best Buy's U.K. partner, Carphone Warehouse Group (CWG), is conducting a "strategy review" of the venture's operation.

This morning, the US retailer announced that it would be closing all eleven U.K. Best Buy stores.


Skype tries for world domination with SkypeKit

According to one report, peer-to-peer VoIP provider Skype is the largest carrier of international voice calls. But the company think it's just getting started as the company looks to expand its large footprint by turning "every connected device" into a communications device that can run Skype.

How will it to that? Easy: make it possible for Skype to find its way into all of the devices that were once 'offline' but that are now being connected to the internet.

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