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Will the new iPad be Apple's most successful tablet yet?

On the surface, there's nothing 'revolutionary' about Apple's new iPad. Yes, the Retina display is impressive, and there are a number of changes that Apple believes make it the best tablet yet. None of this means, however, that the new iPad is moving the tablet market forward by leaps and bounds.

But that might not matter when it comes to how successful the new iPad becomes.


Apple tries to throw competitors under the bus, but they won't go quietly

Apple's press conference last Friday was a notable event for the company. Not simply because Steve Jobs took the stage, but because the purpose of the press conference was to address problems being reported with an existing product, the iPhone 4.

It was unfamiliar territory for Apple and Steve Jobs. Jobs, of course, is used to introducing new products, not dealing with an existing one that is the subject of customer complaints, class action lawsuits and a media firestorm.


Consumer Reports versus Apple: proof authority still matters

It has been a tough week for Apple. The world's preeminent tech company, which could once do no wrong, finds itself on the defensive amidst a PR nightmare the likes of which it has arguably never experienced before. For that, it can largely blame Consumer Reports.

Although discussion about iPhone 4 reception problems have been ongoing, and class action lawsuits have already been filed against Apple, Consumer Reports' refusal to give the iPhone 4 "recommended" status, its claim that the problems are indeed caused by a hardware issue, and its argument that Apple needs to solve the problem for customers, have clearly forced Apple into a corner from which it must now try to extricate itself.


iPhone 4: Testing the relevance of Consumer Reports

Apple has been catching some bad breaks with its latest iPhone release. And while early leaks of the iPhone prototype on Gizmodo don't seem to have eroded sales of the company's latest device, a small antenna issue is quickly becoming a big issue. And today, Consumer Reports reneged its positive ratings of iPhone 4.

Apple customers may not be the most likely readers of Consumer Reports, but it's not an organization that you want to be on the wrong side of. Why? Because negative ratings from Consumer Reports make headlines.


Consumers are sharing risky information on social networks — but companies like Facebook aren't helping

As individuals become increasingly comfortable sharing information online, they are also ceding their privacy in new — and sometimes dangerous — ways. According to a Consumer Reports survey released today, over half (52%) of social network users are oversharing online. And cybercriminals are taking note. The information shared on social networks is particularly susceptible to criminals looking to find and steal personal information.

At a panel in New York sponsored by Consumer Reports today, speakers agreed that consumers are posting risky information online. But many companies are exacerbating the issue with confusing — and frequently changing — privacy policies.