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Converting mobile browsers into buyers

As Econsultancy lists its 16 essential success factors for ecommerce checkouts, we have been revamping ours at Spreadshirt.

2014 saw an upswing people using their mobile devices not only to browse, but also to buy.

The trend extended to phones too, as consumers became increasingly confident in buying from their phones rather than waiting to make the final purchase from a desktop or laptop. 


How does internationalisation work for online retailers?

If 95% of success is showing up then in online retail business the arrival of good platforms, cheap translation services and global banking means pretty much anyone can 'show up'.

The service can be transferred into the new market, the website translated, the new currency added and you’re ready to sell to the new region.


Window shopping has gone virtual. Are you ready?

36% of the top 100 brand sites in the UK have not been optimised for mobile and yet we’re seeing window shopping going virtual.

So if your mobile site isn’t ready, you’re missing out on the first stage of the buying process.

Even if shoppers don’t trust their touch-screen devices enough to make the final purchase via a mobile connection, they are definitely using it to browse, share and fill up their baskets.


Authenticity and usefulness: The keys to connecting with consumers

Brands will have to work extra hard this year in order to win over consumers, and the key to doing this will be demonstrating everyday usefulness, authenticity and corporate ethics.

From the continued impact of the GFC to the effect of technology on the path-to-purchase to the challenge of big data, marketers and brands have a lot on their plate in 2013. 


Research: Understanding connected Australian consumers

Australians already spend a large percentage of their time online, interacting on social media and spending on online shopping, but these figures are set to grow even further in the next few years, highlighting yet again the importance of having a working mobile website. 

A new report by IBISWorld looks at how the average Australian spends their leisure time, attempting to predict how this will change by 2025, and everything points to the internet becoming even more entrenched in our everyday lives.

Not only will we be using the internet more, but we will be using it constantly on the go - at the gym, on the train, from our beds and even, at our kids soccer games. 

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62% of Australian consumers don’t know what QR codes are

QR codes continue to be the hot potato within the marketing industry and this was especially apparent during Econsultany’s recent Digital Cream Sydney event, not least on the mobile table. 

Arguably QR codes seem to invoke a general divide amongst marketers – you either love or hate them – and they’re something that Econsultancy has written about more than numerous times, ranging across great examples in practice, through to the shockingly bad

But what’s the consumer appetite for QR codes? 

In association with Toluna, Econsultancy surveyed more than a thousand Australian consumers to explore this question and, despite a general enthusiasm amongst marketers for the mobile channel, it turns out that the majority of consumers seemingly don’t even know what a QR code is...


Can Australian retailers use Facebook's new Collections feature to their advantage?

It looks like Facebook could be attempting a further push into e-commerce with the reported creation of a new feature which will allow users create wish lists of home furnishings, clothing and other retail products.

The new Collections feature enables retailers to put 'want' and 'collect' buttons on their pictures, which can be clicked by users to create a wish list on their personal profiles. 

The buttons are still in beta testing at the moment and will only be rolled out to the US initially, but if they prove successful there is no doubt they will be available for Australian retailers too.


Research: online banking is winning at customer experience

As part of the Econsultancy / Foviance Multichannel Customer Experience Report, some 1,000 consumers were surveyed about their experiences when dealing with the banking industry.

Overall, it appears that when engaging with banking services, consumers have a far better experience using personal computers than any other touchpoint.

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China and e-commerce

China: Is the East the new West for e-commerce?

China is a difficult market to currently crack for international businesses, but a shift appears to be happening, driven largely by e-commerce.

In association with Toluna, Econsultancy has carried out a survey of online consumer behaviour in the region to try to understand this further.


Online consumers trust real people, not companies

Online recommendations are powerful. New data from Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey reveals that 90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people that they know, with 70% trusting the opinions posted online by unknown users.


Consumer trends to watch during the recession

The seriousness of the economic downturn is now an undeniable reality, with the optimistic prediction that digital would be unaffected exposed as a false hope. With Britain facing the 'worst recession in living memory,' this will inevitably impact on consumer trends and behaviour.

As economic woes worsen, understanding how this affects customers becomes even more critical. Businesses that have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the economy and emerging patterns of consumer behaviour are far more likely to emerge from the crisis unscathed.