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Are you getting personal with your customers?

M&S Virtual Makeover CounterContent is king. This phrase might have been around a long time, but it’s still applicable to marketing. Of course, nowadays it’s only truly valid if the content is personalised.

Otherwise, the message just won’t get through to your audience.

As technology progresses and new digital channels are adopted, targeting becomes more sophisticated, which makes personalisation even more critical.


Content analytics for marketers

As marketers, we are becoming increasingly data-focused. It is likely that the next generation of CMOs will not just be creatives, but also data scientists standing in the control room of their organisation, with dashboards of live data flowing in from sales, marketing, and customer service activity.

This goes beyond transaction and conversion data, to include details of interactions with brand-authored content, as well as user-generated content and sharing of content on social networks.

So how can content analytics allow you to build detailed customer profiles, analyse customer feedback for trends, and personalise content and product propositions?