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What do clients really need from their SEO agency?

I’ve been working in digital for more years than I care to mention, witnessing a huge amount of change in that time, especially where SEO is concerned. 

Clearly SEO is no longer the ‘stand-alone’ technically-led discipline that it once was back in the day. 


Eight surprisingly interesting examples of finance content

Finance brands perhaps have more of a challenge when creating content but, with a little imagination, this can be overcome. 

Here are eight interesting examples of finance content, and what we can learn from them...

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The three biggest discussions driving content strategy transformation

The focus and opportunity around content is causing organisations to reassess their businesses at a variety of levels. 

Content marketing has been identified as one of the most exciting opportunities for marketers today, based on the Digital Trends for 2015 report.

The growth of corporate blogs, podcasts and increased focus of video are some of the more obvious manifestations of this.


How Coggles uses content marketing for ecommerce

I've recently been looking at how ecommerce sites are using content, and Coggles is one that we picked out as as example. 

I've been talking to Clare Potts, Head of Search, Social and PR,  Prestige Luxury at The Hut Group, which looks after Coggles. 

Clare talked about the brand's content strategy, the part that SEO plays, and how Coggles measures content...


Why content marketers should spend 50% of their resources on distribution

What comes first: the distribution or the content?

Long Tail Search Opportunity

Unlock the power of long tail with content and data

Too many brands are focused on vanity terms and overlooking the long tail opportunity.

Unlock this ever growing potential by taking a data informed approach to your content strategy!


How to avoid creating a digital content landfill

Ever since Google introduced the Panda and Penguin updates, companies have been clamoring to publish content in hopes to improve ranking and engagement with customers.


What is stock and flow content and how should you use it?

First coined by Robin Sloan, stock and flow is a useful way to talk about different content types and how you can use them in your marketing. 

Here I'll look at what stock and flow is, some examples, and how it can be used effectively. 


How healthy is your content strategy? A Q&A with Dr Mike Baxter

This week sees the publication of our new Implementing Content Strategy: Digital Best Practice report, which was written by Dr Mike Baxter. 

I spoke to Mike about the report, the types of content which should be used at each stage in the funnel, and how the 70/20/10 rule can be applied to content strategy... 


How running my own publishing startup taught me more about content than any normal job

In May last year I decided to take three months out to focus on a publishing startup project.

I'd been freelancing for about 18 months as a content strategy consultant, but I was finding it a little frustrating not technically being or feeling in charge of a publishing operation.

Often what I advised wasn't carried out, and I felt like I wanted to better put what I was learning about the industry to better use.

While this is a blog about what I did and what happened, the lessons I learned in the period were invaluable, and I think anyone involved in content marketing could benefit from them.


14 examples of evergreen content formats that work wonders

We're great believers in the importance of evergreen content, and this has been a major factor in this blog's growth. 

Here, I've compiled some of the evergreen formats we regularly turn to...


Can data really inspire creativity?

Looking to create interesting, popular content?

Use data to determine the questions your audience are asking, then add your expertise to provide engaging answers to hold your readers attention.

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