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Think you have your dynamic prospecting sorted?

Saying you do dynamic ads is like saying you do digital advertising. There are many different types and strategies for each.

In the future, all ads will be dynamic in nature, so you need to know what you're doing and what makes sense for you.


Britain flooded, but did advertisers ride the wave to success?

With spring having well and truly sprung and temperatures reaching a balmy 20 degrees this weekend, it’s hard to remember that this winter it rained for almost three solid months.

But we were quickly reminded during our annual review of travel search data, when we spotted a huge leap in CPC and impression figures over January and February 2014. 

It’s not unusual to see an uplift in impressions and CPCs at the start of the year as the British public looks to escape the freezing winter but such a significant leap was certainly worth a second look.

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Yahoo turns to Google for ads: sign of a new friendship?

When Yahoo recruited Marissa Mayer from Google to replace interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, some suggested that Mayer's departure from Google was an indication that she had reached her limit for advancement at the search giant, and that her role at Google was actually not as important as it might have seemed.

Whether the rumors about Mayer's status at Google were accurate or not, one thing was certain: Yahoo was placing a huge bet on the 30-something executive, one that might have been the last such bet it could make.

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16 highly dubious online advertising placements

Contextual advertising has been a big hit over the past half a decade or so, though I wonder whether it suffers from a kind of shotgun approach, whereby you can simply choose a bunch of keywords, pull a lever, and then put your feet on the desk. 

Sure, this is typically better than blasting out your message without any concerns about targeting, but it's almost too easy to reach the masses, and you can end up with egg on your face. Context isn't always a positive thing.

As with all advertising, the creative elements of a campaign are meant to stand out for the right reasons, yet every year we see amusing new examples of contextual advertising that's gone wrong in some way. 

Here are 16 of the more ironic ad placements I've seen over the past year or so (most of which are contextual). They are often funny, ridiculous and horrendous all at the same time.

Perhaps we'll see less of them in the years ahead as targeted advertising tools evolve, but for now we should understand the importance of choosing a few negative keywords when you programme your next campaign.

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