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Five bad habits that scare off great contractors

Recruiting great employees is often one of the most challenging tasks for businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses which don't have the brand recognition and bank accounts of large corporations.

But recruiting great employees is sometimes downright easy when compared to the difficulties businesses face in finding and retaining great contractors.


The keys to finding a good contract web developer

Finding a good, reliable web developer can be like finding a good, reliable mechanic. They exist, but they're not always easy to find. There are plenty of reasons for this, ranging from the fact that many good developers don't need to solicit new business to the fact that it's hard to spot someone who is technically competent when you're not a developer yourself.

As difficult as it may be, finding a good developer isn't impossible. You can spot whether the developer you're considering hiring, or have already hired, is a 'good one' by looking for the following things.