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Q&A: Ben Jesson on conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Rate Experts was founded when a real-life rocket scientist teamed up with an internet marketing specialist. Its clients include firms like Apple, Google and Sony.

I've been asking CEO Ben Jesson and Chairman Dr Karl Blanks (the rocket scientist) about their approach to conversion rate optimsation, common conversion killers, and the most valuable tools for the job. 

I also asked Ben and Karl how they would improve the Ling's Cars website...  


The high street is central to multichannel retail strategy: stats

The UK's shoppers are adopting mobile and tablets, yet the high street remains central to the research and purchase process.

87% of survey respondents using a store as part of the purchase journey in the past month, though high prices, crowds, and the time taken are seen as drawbacks. 

The stats come from Shoppercentric's 'Shopping in a Multichannel World' survey, and the results show that customers are using a wide variety of channels. 

Mary Portas may have managed to produce a retail review containing just three references to digital, but online and mobile is vital for the future of the high street. 


Why you need a tablet strategy in 2012

For the last six years, we have carried out an Online Future Shopping Index survey straight after Christmas, to determine whether people plan to spend more or less the following year.

Each year we make a prediction based on the results and I’m happy to say that once again last year’s prediction was pretty much spot on!

We predicted 12% to 17% growth in online sales during Christmas 2011; the actual figure, reported by the IMRG in January was 16.5%.


Tablet shoppers spend 21% more than other consumers

Tablet visitors to e-commerce sites spend 20% more than desktop shoppers, and twice as much as those using smartphones, according to a new report. 

Adobe's Digital Marketing Insights report takes its data from 16.5bn visits to more than 150 retailers last year, and shows that AOVs from tablets are higher than from other devices. 

It also suggests that retailers should consider optimising the experience for tablet users. 


People and processes hold key to conversion rate optimization: study

Companies with a structured and process-driven approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO) are significantly more likely than other organisations to improve their conversion rates and increase online sales, according to research published this week by Econsultancy. 

The Conversion Rate Optimization Report, produced in association with RedEye, also found that it is becoming harder to improve conversion rates, with 65% of companies seeing improvements in conversions in the last year, compared to 70% in 2009 and 2010.


The importance of a strong conversion rate in the affiliate channel

As competition in the affiliate marketplace intensifies so advertisers should be optimising their campaigns wherever they can.

An obvious, yet often overlooked, place to start is click to sale conversion rate.


Frequent testing is key to improving conversions: report

Companies who take a more systematic approach to testing and optimisation are reaping the benefits of improved conversion rates, according to the Econsultancy / RedEye Conversion Report

The report finds that companies whose conversion rates had improved over the last 12 months carried out on average three times more website tests than those whose conversion rates had not improved.

More highlights from the survey after the jump...


Checkout optimisation: 17 posts to help improve conversions

I've rounded up some of the many articles we have written on various aspects of checkout optimisation into one handy list.. 

For more detail, see our recent Checkout Optimization Guide, a must-read for all companies that accept payments online.


Can different button shapes improve conversions?

Can using irregular shapes for calls to action on e-commerce sites improve conversion rates? 

This question has been raised by Linda Bustos on the Get Elastic blog, and it is perhaps something that etailers should consider testing. 


Checkout optimization tips from Dr Mike Baxter

Checkout optimization expert Dr Mike Baxter has produced his fourth stunning piece of e-commerce research for Econsultancy. The Checkout Optimization Guide is a must-read for all companies that accept payments online. We're absolutely sure that it will increase your conversion rates.

In the report Mike suggested 70 ways to improve performance, and I caught up with him to talk more about the latest trends in e-commerce checkout design.


Showing competitors' prices online can work

Last month I posted about the issue of showing competitors' prices on product pages as a way of increasing conversions. 

I was fairly sceptical about the idea, but some of the comments left were in favour of the idea, and I have seen an example where this practice has worked and increased conversion rates. 


Mad Libs make a comeback. To help with online form completion.

If you're like me, and it's been awhile since you were 12 and sitting in the backseat of your parents' car, chances are you haven't thought about Mad Libs for awhile. But there are a few people who have been implementing Mad Libs-style forms on their websites.

And early results are showing that in addition to bringing back childhood memories, they are also effective. Up to 40% more effective to be exact.