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Facebook's new registration tool: the good, the bad, and the ugly

In Facebook's non-stop push to dominate the world by making its service the social fabric of the web, it has courted developers and publishers with a platform and suite of tools.

Most of these tools give developers and publishers the ability to tap into Facebook's vast audience and its social graph, which is attractive for obvious reasons. In return, Facebook's footprint on the web grows as users are exposed to its functionality almost everywhere they go.


Are ads on e-commerce sites a good idea?

Online retailers, including and Amazon place ads on their product pages, but can this be a good idea? 

The argument for suggests that advertising can allow online retailers to monetise traffic and profit from those visitors who were not planning to buy anyway. Can it work, or is it an unwelcome distraction for shoppers? 


The importance of testing signup and payment forms

When it comes to conversions, the devil is in the details. And even the smallest details can have a significant impact on conversions.

Unfortunately, many web-based businesses don't sweat the details, and their conversions suffer as a result. But the experience of one web startup highlights just how meaningful paying attention can be.


Google opens up Product Listing Ads

Google AdWords are appealing to many businesses, but they're perhaps most appealing to businesses selling products online. After all, every click on an AdWords ad could lead to an immediate sale.

For that reason, it's no surprise that many online retailers use AdWords on a large scale.


Google focuses in on the funnel

When it comes to online advertising and tracking conversions, the first click is often just as important as the last click. And sometimes, it's not even about clicks per se. But unfortunately many advertisers only track the last click.

Google is hoping to change that for AdWords advertisers with a new feature it introduced earlier this week called Search Funnels.


Is postcode entry costing you conversions?

Belron's online customer experience manager Craig Sullivan gave a great presentation at last week's Online Marketing Masterclasses event, and one of the many nuggets contained within was that strict postcode validation was causing 2.5% of customers to abandon.

The problem that Craig discovered was that customers were entering the letter 'O' when a zero was required, triggering an error message. Since they may have been unaware of their mistake, this frustration was causing customers to abandon.


Six inconvenient truths about SEO

You've probably seen them: programs claiming to teach you how you can use SEO to boost your Google rankings and in turn build a successful internet business that runs on cruise control. All for the low price of $49.95.

While such programs almost always fall into the 'scam' category, there is truth to the notion that SEO can be a pathway to success. If you run any sort of website, chances are you need traffic, and SEO can deliver it. But there are some inconvenient truths about SEO that often get ignored, especially in 'newbie' circles. Here are six of them.


How to use Google Analytics to track telephone leads

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to track telephone call leads in Google Analytics? Guess what? There is and I'm going to share with you over a series of four posts how you can set this up for yourselves.


Google: Ad position does not affect conversion rates

Web surfers may be more likely to click on search results ranked higher on a web page, but purchase decisions are not so reliant on search positioning, according to Google.

In a post on Inside AdWords today, Google revealed that the position of key words doesn't affect conversion rates very much at all. If your company is spending time or money trying to get to the top of a page's search results. Don't bother.


Does paid search deliver more conversions than organic search?

According to a study conducted by search marketing firm Engine Ready, visitors coming to an online retailer's website from a paid search ad are 50% more likely to make a purchase than visitors coming from an organic search result.

The study, which tracked 20.8 million visits to 26 online retail sites over a 12 month period, found that the overall conversion rate from paid search was 2.03% compared to 1.26% from organic search. The study also found that paid search visitors purchased, on average, more than their organic counterparts.


CAPTCHAs or conversions?

CAPTCHAs -- those computer-generated images commonly used with website forms that challenge users to prove they're human -- are a popular tool in the arsenal against web spam.

But when looked at from a cost-benefit analysis standpoint, do they help or hurt conversions?

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Gaining equity in your site through improved user experience

One of the benefits of usability improvements is that they keep on delivering long after they are implemented, a compelling proposition for companies trying to make the most of their online traffic and conversions.

I regularly need to discuss the benefits of usability in the context of a specific company’s online business goals. 

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