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How can Pharma organize for agility in the digital age?

As pharma and healthcare companies embrace the need for digital transformation, how can they ensure that they are set up for success?

I was recently invited to speak at a Brand Innovation Summit in Princeton NJ. Senior representatives from a number of large Pharma and healthcare companies attended the session co-hosted by Hale Advisors and eXL Pharma.  

Attendees were looking for answers to key questions such as: “what makes a company nimble and able to embrace digital transformation?” and “What types of organizational structures are best for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies looking to build digital marketing capabilities?” 

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Has social changed corporate culture forever?

“It’ll be easier if I just Dropbox you” is now a relatively familiar phrase to anyone in an office.

It used to be called ‘shadow IT’ but the prevalence of a BYOD culture in work environments means that with every employee working on their own device of preference; sharing documents and working socially, has become the norm.

Pitches are created in Google Docs, updated by all parties concurrently and the age of positive collaboration is upon us, right?


Five tips for building a healthy corporate culture

A lot is made of 'corporate culture' and many companies are keen to develop cultures that promote the success of both their businesses and employees.

But building a corporate culture is hard work. Case in point: the recent reports that Zynga was seeking to claw back equity from some employees has sparked a discussion about corporate culture in Silicon Valley, which can stereotypically be summed up as, "Work hard, work harder until you get bought out or IPO".