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Google and Yahoo confirm that lead generation has hit the big time

As a general rule in digital, it seems that when Google and Yahoo get involved in something it is a pretty good sign that it is important.

After many years of skirting around the fringes of performance marketing, recent product launches from these two online advertising behemoths leave no doubt that Online lead generation is finally ready to step out of the shadows and into the limelight.


Q&A: Zephrin Lasker of Pontiflex on lead gen vs. behavioral targeting

Congress's ongoing investigation into online privacy concerns could spell trouble for online advertising. Many Congressmen and consumers would like to see less of their data being shared online, but advertisers argue that tracking users online helps serve more relevant advertising. If a rumored opt-in requirement from the FTC goes through, behavioral tracking could cease to exist as we know it.

Zephrin Lasker thinks that the key to online advertising is making it opt-in. As CEO of online lead generation company Pontiflex, Lasker wants to see more transparency in online advertising. I caught up with him to talk about how another FTC investigation changed the face of online lead generation and what the current Congressional inquiry could do to advertisers who rely on behavioral tracking.