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30+ compelling mobile search statistics

Mobile search is an unavoidable part of digital marketing as if brands don't adapt to consumer behaviour then they risk becoming sidelined if their competitors are faster to react.

Google has already predicted that mobile search will overtake desktop in the next few years, so businesses should really already have a mobile search strategy in place.

But don't just take Google's word for it. Here are 30 compelling mobile search stats to help make up your mind...

mobile search

Mobile search spend up 132% year-on-year: report

Mobile search is an increasingly important area for ecommerce businesses as Google has stated that mobile queries are likely to overtake desktop queries by next year.

And new data from Covario shows that the level of investment in mobile paid search is slowly catching up with consumer behaviour.

On a global basis mobile search advertising accounted for 16% of total spend in Q2, of which 10% was spent on tablet and 6% on smartphone.

This represents an increase of 39% compared to Q1 2013 and a massive 132% increase year-on-year.

CPC prices varied significantly depending on the mobile platform. CPCs on smartphones remained at a 40% discount to desktop CPCs, but have increased nearly every quarter for the last five quarters – with the exception of Q4 2012.

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