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10 kickass crowdsourcing sites for your business

I’m not a believer in the so-called wisdom of the crowd, but I do think that crowdsourcing has cemented its place in modern business.

Crowdsourcing, as you probably know, is a way of using ‘crowds’ to ‘source’ solutions to your problems.

10 kickass crowsourcing sites for your business

What have you crowdsourced lately? Nothing? Well, if you run a website and have embraced user-centricity then think again... perhaps you have conducted user testing? Well, that’s crowdsourcing – asking the crowd for feedback - and it beats a top-down policy of allowing your board to design the website.

Of course there’s more to life than usability testing. So what else can be crowdsourced? It turns out that there are plenty of dedicated crowdsourcing services that can be used for businesses. I've collated a bunch of the best ones, and some of them are really great.