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How Coca-Cola uses co-creation to crowdsource new marketing ideas

When Coca-Cola’s ad agencies ran out of ideas for a marketing brief, the company decided to turn to an online community to crowdsource some ideas.

By using co-creation Coca-Cola was able to generate thousands of new ideas from a global community of creative individuals, giving it a huge amount of content to inspire future marketing activities.

And the drinks brand isn’t the only major business using co-creation. BMW has a minisite that allows people to contribute to its current projects.

So to find out more about why Coca-Cola moved away from the traditional agency model and its on-going work with co-creation community eYeka, I spoke to the Asia Pacific regional director for sparkling and activation platforms Leonardo O’Grady...

Crowdsource Your Marketing

How to crowdsource your next marketing project

Today,  I’m conducting an experiment to see if I can make an unknown book by a new author reach the Amazon Kindle Top 100.

I’ve asked all friends, colleagues, family and the digital marketing community to help me promote the digital version of my book, Free Stuff Everyday.

If it works, it’ll be further evidence that crowd sourced marketing can be a highly effective way to spread awareness of a product as well as gaining feedback and support from your community.

You can read more on my challenge and take part via the Koozai blog. But this got me thinking about some other great examples of crowdsourced marketing that you can use in your own campaigns, and that’s what I present for you today.


10 things that have been crowdsourced in 2011

Crowdsourcing is all the rage, as brands move closer to their audiences and make use of co-creation sites to unearth winning ideas.

I thought I’d list a few of the more recent examples of crowdsourcing to highlight how brands (and other people) are embracing it.


10 kickass crowdsourcing sites for your business

I’m not a believer in the so-called wisdom of the crowd, but I do think that crowdsourcing has cemented its place in modern business.

Crowdsourcing, as you probably know, is a way of using ‘crowds’ to ‘source’ solutions to your problems.

10 kickass crowsourcing sites for your business

What have you crowdsourced lately? Nothing? Well, if you run a website and have embraced user-centricity then think again... perhaps you have conducted user testing? Well, that’s crowdsourcing – asking the crowd for feedback - and it beats a top-down policy of allowing your board to design the website.

Of course there’s more to life than usability testing. So what else can be crowdsourced? It turns out that there are plenty of dedicated crowdsourcing services that can be used for businesses. I've collated a bunch of the best ones, and some of them are really great.