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10 things that have been crowdsourced in 2011

Crowdsourcing is all the rage, as brands move closer to their audiences and make use of co-creation sites to unearth winning ideas.

I thought I’d list a few of the more recent examples of crowdsourcing to highlight how brands (and other people) are embracing it.


Q&A: Kristal Ireland on promoting Yorkshire with social media

Kristal - Welcome to YorkshireKristal Ireland is Digital Marketing Manager at Welcome to Yorkshire, and has been using social media to crowdsource content and promote the county as a tourist destination. 

This has included experiments with Foursquare, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as a couple of iPhone apps. 

I've been talking to Kristal about using social media tools to promote tourism, and crowdsourcing great content for the website. 


Six reasons why your brand should hop on the API bandwagon

The monolithic brands of the industrial age are giving way to the distributed, participative and democratized brands of the digital age.

In this post, I'll explain how APIs can take your brand in promising new directions by harnessing the power of the community...


Crowdsourcing 101 for GE: You get back what you put in

General Electric may be a big company, but it's not often one that consumers interact with directly. As the company's global executive director of advertising and branding Judy Hu put it at TechCrunch Disrupt today:

"Nobody expects people to see an ad and pickup the phone to order a new aircraft engine."

However, GE has an active presence on social media. And starting today, the company wants to hear a lot more from consumers. That's because GE is crowdsourcing its "next digital/social media ad blitz." But the company's vaguely worded pitch (and questionable compensation plans) are likely to bring in less than stellar work.

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Should you crowdsource your SEO via the internet?

For many businesses, SEO is a black hole. Lots of stuff goes in, and almost nothing comes out.

There are plenty of reasons for this: executing an SEO effort requires the right strategy, a solid commitment and adequate human and financial resources to get the job done.


Allstate asks media sellers for their best ideas

Thanks to the internet and social media, it's never been easier for companies to reach out to consumers. Companies like Starbucks and Dell, for instance, have set up crowdsourcing websites through which consumers can share ideas that may help them improve their products and services.

Insurance company Allstate is getting into the act too. But it doesn't want ideas from consumers. Instead, it's reaching out to a different group: media sellers.


Social media you can drink. But will you want to?

In the all-encompassing world of social media, a growing number of brands are turning to consumers to help design new products. And for good reason: the internet and social media have given brands new ways to solicit feedback from their consumers and to involve them in product design and marketing.

There are a lot of things to like about consumer crowdsourcing but one of them unlikely to be the new 'Connect' VitaminWater from Coca-Cola subsidiary Glacéau.


Q&A: Unilever's Noam Buchalter on crowdsourcing Peperami ads

As reported yesterday on this blog, Unilever has decided to crowdsource the next Peperami TV ads via Idea Bounty, with a prize of $10,000 up for grabs.

I've been talking to Noam Buchalter, Marketing Manager for Unilever's Marmite, Bovril, Pot Noodle, and Peperami brands. about the reasons behind the decision to crowdsource the new Peperami ads, and the effect this will have on agencies. 

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Unilever drops agency, crowdsources TV ad

Unilever has waved goodbye to longstanding creative agency Lowe and decided to ask the public to help create a new TV ad for its Peperami brand.

Campaign reports that the firm is using crowdsourcing site Idea Bounty to attract ideas for a new Peperami ad, offering $10,000 to the winner of the contest. The brief will be published on Friday, and the contest runs until late-October.


10 kickass crowdsourcing sites for your business

I’m not a believer in the so-called wisdom of the crowd, but I do think that crowdsourcing has cemented its place in modern business.

Crowdsourcing, as you probably know, is a way of using ‘crowds’ to ‘source’ solutions to your problems.

10 kickass crowsourcing sites for your business

What have you crowdsourced lately? Nothing? Well, if you run a website and have embraced user-centricity then think again... perhaps you have conducted user testing? Well, that’s crowdsourcing – asking the crowd for feedback - and it beats a top-down policy of allowing your board to design the website.

Of course there’s more to life than usability testing. So what else can be crowdsourced? It turns out that there are plenty of dedicated crowdsourcing services that can be used for businesses. I've collated a bunch of the best ones, and some of them are really great.


Wikia and Jimmy Wales shutter Wikia Search

Can search be crowdsourced? It's a question that Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, set out to answer when his for-profit company Wikia launched Wikia Search.

Wikia Search, which we reviewed here on the Econsultancy blog when it launched, tried to give users the ability to edit search results in much the same fashion that users can edit pages on Wikipedia.