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What is the current state of bitcoin adoption?

Bitcoin, it’s the future of online payment don’t you know. 

After the initial rush of media intrigue and early adopter excitement, what happened next for the digital currency from the future? 

Many of our own blog-posts deal with various issues related to bitcoin – trust and regulation, alternatives and relevance to the consumer but what about adoption? 

How widespread has the uptake for bitcoin been for online (or even offline) retail?  


Is trust the biggest barrier to Bitcoin adoption?

Bitcoin, the latest and arguably most successful ‘virtual currency’ to date, is causing a stir in many circles.

The digital currency stands completely alone from any government, central bank or other type of business to underwrite its value, and Bitcoin exchanges take place directly between the buyer and seller – meaning no banks are involved to facilitate Bitcoin payments.

In this post, I'll look at the future of these crypto currencies.