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Facebook ad engagement down, prices up: report

Thanks to the incredible popularity of the world's social network, soon-to-be-publicly-traded Facebook is top of mind for advertisers both large and small, many of which have been pouring more money into Facebook advertising campaigns.

But how are those Facebook ad campaigns treating advertisers?


How did Google AdWords algorithm changes impact campaigns?

Just over a month ago, Google announced the global roll-out of an update to the AdWords algorithm, which increased the value of landing page relevancy and worth when determining Quality Score.

Google predicted that the changes would alter keyword Quality Scores and ad positions for some campaigns. However, the company claimed that most brands would not see a significant change in overall performance.


Google CTR study: top three positions deliver 35% of traffic

Ripples spread through the SEO community with the recent publication of a new Click Through Rate (CTR) study by an agency called Slingshot.

Why oh why is this important to anyone you may ask! Let me enlighten you… 


The seven deadly sins of PPC

According to the Catholic Church, there are seven deadly sins. They are, in effect, the root of all of the other sins.

Can the same be said of PPC? There are many, many mistakes that can be made, but can they be tracked back to seven root causes? And are these causes similar to the seven cardinal sins?

It’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds…


Beer boosts Facebook CTRs, but not conversions

Many advertisers are increasingly making room in their budgets for Facebook ads, but over the years, there's been a lot of talk about the general ineffectiveness of them compared to say, Google AdWords.

One of the obvious challenges with Facebook ads is that it is a social network. Unlike search, which lends itself to ads targeted to a particular search query, the site is generally being used as a tool of leisure.

That makes creating ads that stand out difficult.


Is there really a perfect ad for everyone, or is Google crazy?

If you're a consumer, it may be difficult to believe that the next web page you visit might display the "perfect ad." After all, ads can be annoying at worst, and at best, you simply don't even notice them.

But according to Google's VP of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, "there's a perfect ad for everyone." In a post on the Official Google Blog, he suggests "We’re at the beginning of a user-focused revolution, where people connect and respond to display ads in ways we’ve never seen before," and makes six predictions about the future of online advertising.


Number of mobile advertisers jumps: report

For many years, mobile has been the 'next big thing' for advertisers. And to be sure, the market for mobile ads has grown by leaps and bounds in dollar-terms.

The latest figure evidencing the growth of mobile as an advertising medium: according to comScore, the number of advertisers in the U.S. running mobile campaigns has grown exponentially in the past two years.

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Twitter ads don't deliver: reports

Having launched a suite of advertising solutions over the past year, Twitter has answered one of the questions that had previously plagued it: will the popular social media hub ever find a business model?

But now that advertisers are using Twitter to promote themselves and their products to its audience, there's a new and even more important questions: is it delivering a return? According to some reports, the answer is in many cases a resounding 'no.'


CTR from mobile search is three times higher: study

Advertisers are experiencing greater click through rates from mobile search than desktop advertising, with CTR 2.7 times higher on average. 

This is one of the stats from an Efficient Frontier study of mobile search trends, which also finds that the sector is growing rapidly. 


Seven ways to avoid marketing meltdown

meltdownWhatever the size of your business, there are several pitfalls we all face when putting together a marketing strategy and sticking to it.

These include daily tasks, too much research to do, the temptation to head to the pub. All of these things regularly pop up and threaten to knock us off course. Here's seven simple steps that will help keep your marketing on track...


Optimising PPC for long-tail keywords

A common problem for running search campaigns in niche industries is the typical low volumes of data to optimise against.

However, it's not just restricted to areas such as B2B, but also applies to long-tail campaigns where some keywords might only get triggered a few times a day.

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Mobile advertising: Symbian outperforms iPhone

A new study of mobile advertising shows that there is more to mobile advertising than the iPhone, as it was outperformed by both Symbian and  feature phones in terms of click through rates. 

The survey comes from mobile advertising firm Smaato, which has looked at mobile click through rates worldwide, based on the 6bn ad requests served through its network in April. 

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