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Start Me Up! A profile of Curalate

Curalate offers visual analytics for marketers looking for metrics on popular sharing platforms like Pinterest. 

The startup recently announced Instagram reporting which makes it the first analytics provider to give metrics for Instagram and Pinterest within the same dashboard. 

We spoke with Curalate to find out what has been making them tick.


Why your brand should get creative now with visual content marketing

According to Toprank CEO Lee Odden’s recent SES London session, content marketing at its very minimum needs to include: brand leadership, customer empathy, storytelling and creativity.

Here are three reasons why some of that creativity should be visual, regardless of your brand or industry.


Are brands overestimating the value of social data?

Brands love social media, and as evidenced by the number of high-dollar acquisitions of social media monitoring and analytics firms last year, they love the data that social media generates.

And, on the surface, there's a good reason for that: popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter give brands a front-row seat to the collective conversation consumers are having about their products and services. From that conversation, brands may, in theory, be able to gain valuable insights that help them connect with consumers and serve them better.