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The undead customer: reviving the ghosts & zombies on your website

Is your website haunted by strange apparitions? You may not know it, but right now you have an army of ghosts, zombies and vampires creeping across your website.

In this blog we reveal their true identities and how to harness their strange powers.

Like a scientific data-driven ghost-buster, if you will.


What Netflix has taught us about personalisation

There are many great examples of how Netflix uses data to personalise user experience.

However, the real lesson for marketers is less obvious and has more to do with the underlying ‘value exchange’ taking place.


MVCs: five metrics for identifying your most valuable customers

A business can't thrive without customers, and for that reason, the efforts of marketers are often focused on new customer acquisition.

Unfortunately, many companies neglect their existing customers and one of the reasons this happens is that they don't ask a simple question: who are our customers?