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LEGO movie poster

The LEGO Movie's solid social marketing strategy

Firstly, yes, Warner Bros. has made a LEGO Movie. A big budget, Hollywood, CGI motion picture starring (the voices of) Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman.

The film isn’t out until February 2014, and yet Warner Bros. began the marketing push earlier this year with a great looking trailer and various teaser posters.

This shouldn’t be a surprise being as LEGO has a great online strategy and has shown previous form in building its own online customer community.

Recently though, the marketing push has begun through closer engagement on social network sites, clearly having learnt lessons from LEGO's own social interaction via its CUUSOO site.

Let’s take a look at how Warner Bros. and their digital agency Substance are marketing LEGO's biggest new construction yet using social media…