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LINKLOVE! What do you mean, I can't link to your website?

Here's today's roundup of things to read, watch and play with, for your considerable delight... 


LINKLOVE! Mercedes Benz meets the iPad

A roundup of the links we've been checking out today...


LINKLOVE! Yahoo CEO in plain English campaign

Here’s Econsultancy’s daily roundup of links for your considerable delight. A special mention today goes to the no-nonsense Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, whom we'd like to congratulate for her commendable use of plain English instead of corporatespeak. 


LINKLOVE! A £420 iPad app, and a dress to match

In a stunning new development we have decided to launch ‘LINKLOVE!’, which is a roundup of some of the more interesting, insightful or weird links we’ve seen.

I’ve always believed that reading is 20% of the job for most internet pros, so here’s some juicy thoughtfood to help you keep your brain fresh…