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WHSmith's decision to go offline shows little understanding of digital

WHSmith took its entire website offline yesterday after it found that pornographic eBooks were available through its Kobo e-reader.

Customers trying to access are greeted with a holding page which states that the retailer is “disgusted by these particular titles” and is taking immediate steps to have them removed.

While this process is on-going the site has been taken offline 'to best protect our customers and the public'. It will come back online once all self-published eBooks have been removed and WHSmith’s is sure that people can no longer access the material.

There was understandable anger that shoppers were exposed to explicit content when they typed ‘daddy’ into its on-site search tool, however it does seem something of an over-reaction to take its website offline in order to fix the problem.

Amazon and Waterstones were also found to be stocking similar titles, and while they’ve expressed shock that the situation has occurred they haven’t taken the same drastic steps as WHSmith.


10 lessons learned from launching a Twitter Chat

Back in September 2012, myself and fellow Ecommerce Consultant Dan Barker decided that there was a gap in the market for an ecommerce centric industry chat.

Why? You may ask.

Well, we both regularly get asked ecommerce questions via social media channels (Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn being the most common) and we also tap into the fountain of knowledge that is our followers.  

There is a constant flow of, and demand for, knowledge sharing. This blog takes a look at what we have learned launching a Twitter chat and the mistakes we've made along the way.


Are commercial aims behind Google's Olympic SERPS?

If you have searched for information around the Olympics online then it’s likely you will have come across Google’s new interface that contains a huge amount of information about the Games.

It is essentially a giant Olympics website containing thousands of pages that are integrated into the SERPs.

As highlighted by marketing consultant Dan Barker in his blog post, Google delivers so much information that it removes much of the reason for searchers to visit the official London 2012 site and broadcaster sites.