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Google, Facebook and consumer choice

Google and Facebook have been making headlines lately. The world's most popular search engine and the world's most popular social network are increasingly facing off in Goliath versus Goliath battles as they fight for dominance on tomorrow's consumer internet.

One key battleground that has emerged: 'data portability.' The two Silicon Valley powerhouses have been locked in a public, back-and-forth argument over the ability of individuals to import and export their personal data to and from their respective services.


Facebook's new data download feature: the good, the bad, the ugly

On Wednesday, the world's largest social network, Facebook, announced several new features.  One of the biggest: a new "Download Your Information" feature that, as the name hints, gives Facebook users the ability to export and download much of their profile information in a single ZIP file.

It's something that just a year or two ago probably would have been inconceivable. After all, if Facebook controls your content, chances are you won't leave Facebook. But at 500m users and growing, Facebook doesn't seem concerned that freeing user data will lead to a mass exodus.