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A thoroughly entertaining beginner’s guide to data and analytics

Confused by cross-channel analytics? Bewildered by big data? Stupefied by structured data?

Well I’m not surprised. Who wouldn’t be?

It’s a big world of complicated words, terms and phrases that can intimidate even the most digital savvy of webmasters wishing to dig deeper into the information their website has been quietly amassing over the last few years.

Help is at hand though, in the form of this very beginner's guide.

I have written it in the form of a glossary, as it seemed the clearest method of presentation. Not only is it alphabetical but it should also make logical sense if you read it in order.

This is for anyone whose had a rudimentary glance at Google Analytics, or spent a little time in the Site Stats of their WordPress site, or has a copy of our Measurement and Analytics Report but has yet to open it. 

We call these people the intrigued but slightly baffled. Welcome, you’re in good company!


An advance look at the Google Analytics Diagnostics beta

Once established, analytics data quality tends to be taken for granted. The site is tagged, the filters applied and the data is flowing in.

Battling the metrics then begins and the mind wanders off from auditing the data, but nothing can ruin your new staggering insight quicker than that dawning realisation that the data is flawed.

So many elements can affect the data flow. Sites change, pages are renamed, structures altered, processes amended, tags change, offices can change physical locations.

All can cause issues with implementations that may even have not been configured correctly in the first place.