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Suing over an online review: is it ever a good idea?

Thanks to the internet and the rise of business reviews sites, dealing with customers has arguably never been more complicated.

Never before has it been more important to cultivate strong customer relationships and to find ways to parlay them into online reviews that, in some cases, can be powerful drivers of business.


Court: blogger isn't a journalist, owes $2.5m

In the age of the internet, every individual may have their own personal printing press, but that doesn't mean that the same legal protections afforded to journalists are always available to bloggers.

Something that Crystal Cox, an Oregon-based blogger who is facing a $2.5m judgment for publishing information an investment firm alleged was defamatory, knows all too well.


Unvarnished: Yelp for people may be 2010's worst startup

Online reputation management is an increasingly important subject for businesses. And for good reason: consumers are on the internet, and they're talking about the businesses they interact with. From reviews posted on sites like Amazon to dedicated customer review hubs like Yelp, there is no shortage of online places for consumers to express their opinions about businesses (and their products and services).

But what about individuals? While some have tried to bring the reviews to an individual level, there's really no Yelp for people. A new startup that is receiving some attention and sparking some controversy hopes to change that.