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Start Me Up! time2dine, the restaurant booking app

We all know about UberEats and Deliveroo, but what if you want to eat in a restaurant but order and book ahead?

That's the idea behind time2dine. We caught up with the team to ask a few questions.


The four goals underpinning Deliveroo’s growth strategy

From a London-based startup to a business that now operates in 12 countries – Deliveroo has grown at a rapid rate in just two years.

In fact, still growing at around 20%-30% each month, it is showing no signs of slowing down either.


All the digital news stories you missed this week

A short but extremely sweet digital news roundup this week.

Big moves from Amazon, Deliveroo, Apple and Spotify, and lots of fun and innovation from Google, The Guardian and Snapchat.


UberEats vs. Deliveroo: A comparison of the app user experience

Remember the days when you really had to earn your takeaway?

Now, the idea of driving to Maccy D’s or (God forbid) walking to the chippy seems ridiculous – not when a man on a motorbike can do all the hard work for you.