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The state of digital marketing in Hong Kong: highlights from Digital Cream 2013

Over 100 senior marketers attended our inaugural roundtable event in Hong Kong last month. 

They deftly explored and shared nimble ways to utilise the very latest digital marketing ideas and techniques in order to better equip themselves for their future endeavours.

Some were intent on making stronger inroads into mainland China, others were planning on taking full advantage of the small but also highly lucrative local Hong Kong marketplace (a jewel in the China crown), and for a fair number it was to better hone their abilities and skills to market across the whole APAC region.


Four key cross-channel marketing challenges from Digital Cream

Held every year in cities across the world, Digital Cream brings marketers to a selection of exclusive invitation-only roundtables, each with a different theme.

Last month, it was London’s turn. One of the roundtables focused on cross-channel marketing, the findings of which have just been released in our free-to-access Cross-Channel Marketing Trends Briefing, sponsored by Responsys.

The speed of change means that companies are finding it difficult to keep up.

Full details are available in the free report, but for a quick summary, read below…


Big Data: key takeaways from Digital Cream London 2013

Whilst the discussion was ripe with technical tongue twisters, the overall message was clear. Big Data, and its implications on Big Marketing, remains a mystery for many.

There is an endless stream of Big Data platform providers clamouring to prove that only they provide the most verifiable and cleanest solutions.

What is vital here is to not become fixated by promises but instead challenge the vendors’ capabilities to provide specific, applicable data which allows you to achieve the true purpose of engaging with data.

This purpose is to make more informed, Big Marketing decisions.


B2B mobile: key takeaways from Digital Cream London

Whilst some consumer sectors, such as retail, are forging ahead in the mobile channel, it sometimes feels as if B2B is lagging behind.

It’s not surprising though. While retailers can use m-commerce or drive purchases through discounts or incentives, the opportunities and the ROI in mobile B2B seem less obvious.

Formation CEO and Econsultancy trainer Mark Brill chaired Mobile B2B roundtable at Econsultancy’s Digital Cream Event. 

Here are his thoughts on the day's discussions...


Six key issues from the attribution analysis & modelling table at Digital Cream 2013

I had the pleasure (or dubious honour?) of moderating on Econsultancy’s attribution analysis and modelling table at this year’s Digital Cream event at the Emirates stadium in London. 

It was an intriguing insight in to what ecommerce teams are doing and what is holding them back. The common theme was a slight unease about how best to use attribution modelling to help the business grow.

There was variety in the type of company represented, from membership organisations to high street retailers, as well as the job roles of the people attending, from ecommerce managers to business analysts.

Here’s a summary of the six key issues that were discussed and the challenges that businesses are facing.


Digital marketers in South-East Asia struggle with skills gaps: new report

Econsultancy has published a freely available trends briefing about digital trends in South-East Asia, based on the second Digital Cream Singapore event for senior client-side digital marketers held in November.

Key issues for those attending were the lack of resources and skills, and the challenge of creating mobile-ready environments.


Video: What happened at Digital Cream San Jose

Econsultancy recently held its first ever Digital Cream in San Jose, our invitation-only event for senior client-side digital marketers.

Opened by Econsultancy EVP, Craig Hanna, Digital Cream San Jose had marketers from companies such as HP, AOL, Macy's, ModCloth and eBay participate in the roundtables, with a keynote by Chris Tolles, the CEO of Topix, on how marketers can apply techniques from presidential campaigns to their own campaigns.


Top marketing lessons from the Presidential election

Today at Digital Cream in San Jose, Chris Tolles of Topix started the day of round tables and discussions by looking at how marketers can model their campaigns on political campaigns.

As we gear up for the next US election this fall, the topic is not only timely but as the presidential campaigns move rapidly to their end in the upcoming months, there are continual lessons to be learned.


Five reasons to attend Digital Cream San Jose: infographic

Digital Cream San Jose, Econsultancy's free to attend exclusive rountable event, is less than eight days away.

Our new infographic shows the top five reasons to attend Digital Cream San Jose and why you should consider joining us. 



B2B content marketing: tips from Digital Cream

One of the key areas covered in our B2B Digital Marketing Trends Briefing is that of content marketing.

Built on the views and experiences of B2B marketers who attended Digital Cream London in March this year, one point that was recognised by all was the importance of effective content when looking to become visible on the web.


How B2B digital marketers are using lead nurturing and automation

In our recently published B2B Digital Marketing Trends Briefing, we covered the highlights from 10 roundtables exclusively for B2B digital marketers.

Two related tables were on lead scoring and nurturing (moderated by Bob Apollo) and marketing automation (moderated by Jay Kerr).

The insights from both tables revealed that many B2B marketers did not know where to start with these disciplines, despite recognising their potential benefits.


Digital B2B marketers struggle to overcome internal cultural challenges: new report

On 15th March 2012, Econsultancy held the largest ever Digital Cream event at the Emirates Stadium in London, where senior client-side digital marketers came together in order to share best practice and learn from their peers.

This year's event included separate tables for B2B marketers, who often face different challenges when compared to their B2C counterparts.

The feedback and commentary from both delegates and moderators has been used to create our B2B Digital Marketing Trends Briefing, which provides an insight into the challenges faced by digital B2B marketers.