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Holiday Promotion Ideas

Five questions before you run a digital rewards promotion

Best Holiday PromotionsThere is little doubt that 2012 will see the biggest holiday season on record for online retail. With that, more and more marketers are planning digital rewards promotions for the coming rush.

Why? Digital rewards offer a compelling way to make offers stand out against the backdrop of extreme discounting. On top of that, campaign flexibility is unparalleled, and consumer response is enthusiastic.

Savvy marketers can run promotions offering customers a range of digital goods –- including iTunes, Amazon, Skype, Facebook, and so on -- as incentives to purchase, to increase loyalty, for email and SMS sign-ups, referrals, and other valuable consumer actions.


Digital gifts a big part of this year's holiday season: report

The holidays are right around the corner and retailers big and small are already gearing up for what they hope will be a successful season, even if at the same time knowing that it will likely be a challenging one too.

When looking at holiday shopping, we typically look at sales of physical goods. Which makes sense given that historically, gift-giving has been an offline activity.

With digital goods growing in prominence, it's increasingly clear that holiday shopping is not limited to buying goods you can put under a tree.


Facebook to make Credits mandatory for games in July

The market for digital goods and virtual currency on its site is already a billion-dollar one, but up until now, Facebook is capturing only a fraction of the business.

The reason: it gives developers great freedom to monetize their applications using whatever business models and third-party services they think work best.

But that will be coming to an end this July as the world's largest social network looks to further boost its revenue growth.

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