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Good news! Digital marketing and ecommerce salaries increased year-on-year

Digital transformation is one of the key challenges facing businesses in 2013, and the growing importance of digital skills is reflected in the fact that wages in this sector are apparently increasing across the board.

New research by Cranberry Panda shows that the highest salaries on offer in ecommerce and digital marketing roles have increased since last year, with ecommerce directors unsurprisingly earning the most within their sector.

The salary band for ecommerce directors stands at £100k to £200k, up from between £80k and £180k in 2012. Head of ecommerce was the second highest paid role with a salary of between £60k and £100k.

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The five hottest digital job titles

Tired of hearing the term ‘digital guru’ bandied about? You’re not the only one.

Our recent poll of the most popular job titles (and the lamest) delivered some interesting results...

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