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Online communities can learn from tribal organization models

Digital marketers have spent the better part of the last decade studying trends in media consumption, and many analysts have made comparisons of social media platform users to tribes.

Phrases like “neo-tribe” and “digital tribes” have, in some corners, become popular descriptions of the individuals who have banded together in groups and built communities around communications software.

But, what is a tribe? How do they work? And what can digital marketers learn from studying them?  

I have been devloping a series of reports exploring the concept of tribes in a digital world as part of the Digital Vision project run by Econsultancy, an effort to help new thought leaders get their insight out into the digital marketing world. My third report, Digital Tribes 3: Organization (released today), highlights how tribal organization models can support online communities.

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SXSW video: Optimizing your website

Today at SXSW we had a chance to speak to one of our Digital Vision winners, Boris Grinkot, about website optimization.

He will be creating tools for marketers to test and optimize in a more targeted fashion using our Digital Vision grant and he shared a bit more about his project with us.


SXSW video: Rethinking the community model

Yesterday at SXSW, we launched the first of our digital vision reports: Native American Lessons for Community Building by Allison Saur. 

We had a chance to speak to Allison about her work, what she learned at SXSW this year and how she will apply it to the next part of of research.


Digital Vision winner discusses the meaning of Tribe

Tribe has become a popular social media marketing term that just hints at a deeper human experience. A look at Native American tribal characteristics reveals substantive practices that build stronger, more fulfilling and highly committed online communities.

We had a chance to interview Allison Saur about her upcoming research for Digital Vision. She will be creating a series of articles that will set the tribal reference, define the role this plays in a digital community and illustrate current examples of these practices at work in communities.

Allison has worked in the high tech and web field for 12 years. As a member of the Chickasaw Nation, she jumped at the chance to leverage Digital Media to support the tribal business initiatives that fund services for Chickasaw and Native Americans.


Digital Vision grant winners announced

At the end of 2011, we launched Digital Vision, a new grant program to allow aspiring thought leaders to conduct new research in the areas of advertising and marketing.

Today we announce the five award winners selected from the scores of applications we received. These winning ideas will receive grants of up to $10,000 USD in addition to research support and publicity from us.


What's your Digital Vision?

At Econsultancy, we publish new ideas and research every day, but digital marketing is evolving too quickly to think that we have all the answers…or all the questions.

We want to know what creative people throughout the industry have on their minds and reward them for it.