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Voucher codes: the rule rather than the exception

That guy you stand behind at the supermarket checkout, while he clumsily thumbs through endless loose vouchers and causes a tailback four trolleys long at 11:30pm… that’s me.

That party of four, sat at the table of a popular pizza chain restaurant scrolling up and down their smartphones trying to find an online voucher for 50% off while the waiter patiently awaits our order… that’s my party of four.

Voucher codes

How to boost sales and grow profits with voucher codes

Voucher codes have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. There have been a raft of sites launched to allow people to share codes and it seems that many e-commerce sites are offering them as part of their digital strategy.


How should online retailers handle discount codes?

While voucher codes can be an excellent method of acquiring customers, but there can be drawbacks, namely reduced profit margins and the potential for checkout abandonment. 

Distributing discount codes via affiliates and email campaigns can be an effective strategy, but are some retailers giving away discounts they don't need to simply because shoppers see the code entry box on the website?  

A post on the excellent GetElastic blog has a few suggestions for how online retailers can minimise the use of these codes during the checkout process, and I've been looking at some examples from the UK...