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Are implicit signals, user context and a new query model the future of search?

The future of search is something that few people outside of Google can predict with any real authority, yet it’s an incredibly important topic for digital marketers.

How much will social signals dictate what we see in search results? What impact will Google+ have in the long term? And will we always rely on keywords as the basis of search?

It’s impossible to address all the possible connotations in just 20 minutes, but Distilled’s Will Critchlow gave it a go during his talk at our Future of Digital Marketing event last Thursday.

One of the main themes was the move from indexing to understanding, whereby Google actually understands the context and sentiment behind a query.


How to create the perfect infographic

Once a fun and useful way of presenting data in an easy-to-digest format, infographics have been overused to the point that their reputation is close to ruin.

And yet the truth is that they are still a brilliant way of gaining shares and, more importantly, links back to your site. Our regular infographic roundup remains one of the most consistently popular posts each week.

The trick is to avoid churning out an ugly, unreadable infographic just for some cheap exposure, and concentrate on creating something genuinely valuable for a specific audience. We've previously blogged five free online tools that can help with this process.

At Distilled’s LinkLove conference infographic designer Claire Stokoe gave a talk on how to create the perfect infographic, and it turns out that the fundamentals aren’t that difficult. However getting it right takes a bit more effort.


11 simple link building tips for SEOs

Building links to your site is quite easy if you’re willing to resort to dodgy tactics, however thanks to Google’s Penguin updates it’s becoming less likely that these links will actually benefit your SEO in the long term.

Interflora is a high profile example of what can go wrong if your linkbuilding strategy isn’t whiter than white.

So to avoid being exiled from Google, SEOs need to direct their efforts into building sustainable links.

At Distilled’s LinkLove event on Friday Hannah Smith ran through a series of tips and tactics for building valuable links that your site can be proud of and that Google will look kindly on...