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Sandro Miller

13 large hairy things that landed on our shores and pillaged our internet village this week

By the hoary host of Hoggoth, welcome weary traveller, to our hall.

Me and the internet have decided that retro is very on trend, so we’ve decided to begin dressing in the manner of 12th century Viking invaders. It’s certainly livened up board meetings we can tell you. 

That has nothing at all to do with this week’s miscellany of idiocy from around the web, as you’ll soon see… 

back to the future delorean dashboard

A number of wildly entertaining things found on the internet, ranked in no particular order

You can make your own mind up as to the order of this selection.

In fact, why not copy and paste the content, reshuffle it into your own order by whatever logic you choose and upload it to Buzzfeed? Boom, you've got yourself brand new content. What have you got to lose? Go on, have a ball.

Henry Elliss made me think long and hard about clickbait in his article the dirty secrets of clickbait will blow your mind this week.

Subsequently I realise it's churlish of me to criticise Buzzfeed, Upworthy and other publishers that use overlong headlines coupled with weightless content to attract traffic, in a post that is essentially devoted to my favourite cat memes and stuff I've stolen off Reddit.

Some readers will decry me as a hypocrite for this and to those people I say the following: "woah did you see this awesome doge gif? It will make your head explode!"