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10 best social campaigns and stories from May 2015

Sit back and enjoy this collection of recent news and advertising inspiration taken from the wide world of social.

We have everything from the perfect hashtag to Royal Baby newsjacking to Starbucks turning its baristas into DJs.

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Nine excellent retail apps that help to foster customer loyalty

Conversion rates from mobile commerce remain extremely low when compared with desktop and tablet, as people often prefer to use smartphones for research rather than purchases.

However, I’ve recently come across data which shows that smartphone apps are an exception to this rule, and in fact convert at a rate that’s closer to desktop than the mobile web.

Data from mobile commerce platform Poq Studio shows that in November and December 2013 conversion rates from smartphone apps was 1.8% compared to 2.4% on desktop and 0.73% on the mobile web. 

This is indicative of the fact that mobile apps are generally used by loyal customers, as the data also shows that 78% of apps users were return visitors, compared to 40% on mobile sites.

Furthermore, former ASOS director James Hart previously stated that the company’s apps saw a “much higher” conversion rate than the mobile web.


Can Pizza Hut catch up with Dominos online?

Online now accounts for more than 60% of Dominos' UK deliveries, which shows how effective the pizza chain's web and mobile strategy has been over the past few years. 

It also puts rival chain Pizza Hut to shame, and it and other competitors may well struggle to match Dominos in this area. 

Dominos' success here offers some valuable lessons in the use of mobile in particular. 


Dominos: iPad app review

Dominos has invested in the mobile channel in the UK over the past couple of years, and this has paid off, with £10m of sales generated by the iPhone app alone in eight months. 

Now the pizza firm is following the launch of mobile sites and apps for Android and iPhone with an iPad version. 


Dominos: iPhone app review

Dominos launched an iPhone ordering app in the UK this month. It had launched an 'app' last year, but this was actually a smartphone optimised site. 

As Meghan Keane pointed out last week, mobile can be very effective for fast food brands, and both Dominos and rival Pizza Hut have been quick to pick up on the potential of mobiles sites and apps. 



Is Dominos' YouTube response enough?

After the damage inflicted on its reputation by the YouTube video of its employees' unsavoury conduct, Dominos President Patrick Doyle has responded with a video of his own in an attempt to reassure its customers.

In the YouTube video, Doyle assures us that the employees have been sacked and it will do all it can to avoid a repeat of the incident, but is this enough to recover from the damage that has been done to the brand?