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What non-profits need to know about Facebook's new fundraising tools

Social media has fast become one of most potent channels for non-profits and Facebook has launched new tools designed to help them use the world's largest social network to raise money more effectively.

Here's what non-profits need to know about these tools.

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Are charities failing on online donations?

According to a survey by Barclays Digital Giving, offline payments still account for 80% of charitable donations, which suggests that many aren't making the most of the web. 

In this post I'll look at some of the major charities, and how easy (or not) they make it for visitors to donate online. 


Donations to Haiti help consumers get past the mobile payment barrier

If consumers are reticent to make purchases with their phones, they certainly haven't been demonstrating it this week. After the horrible earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday, individuals around the globe have been trying to donate money to relief efforts. The response has been generally impressive, but most surprising has been the outpouring that has been delivered via mobile phones.

Over $4 million have been donated to the Red Cross in the last three days via mobile phones. That's good news for Haitians, and also a big win for those in the mobile payment space.