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Jaeger uses mobile to make international ordering possible

High street retailer Jaeger has launched a transactional mobile site that will make it possible for international orders to be taken for the very first time.

Built by DesignUK, the optimised site is part of Jaeger’s goal to develop a seamless multichannel strategy - and has been tested against all of the major manufacturers' devices.


Retailers need to optimise mobile sites or risk losing customers

A new report from dotCommerce confirms what many might suspect about mobile users; they are impatient and have short attention spans.

However, it also reveals that most retailers haven’t taken this on board when optimising their site for mobile use, causing them to lose out on sales and damaging their brand.

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E-commerce: focus on the details to keep the edge

With shopping on the high street often a nightmare of crowded stores, overfilled car parks and pricey petrol, the online equivalent is more appealing than ever for UK consumers. But etailers need to be careful as small details like delivery costs are still slowing the progress of uptake.

Back in 2008, a survey conducted by PayPal and comScore indicated that 43% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts because of unexpectedly high delivery charges. Meanwhile, 61% of online shoppers, according to Forrester Research, prefer to shop with retailers that offer free delivery.

Three years on and you can bet these stats will be even higher.


UK etailers could do more to maximise sales: study

While some of the the top UK e-commerce sites are doing the basics reasonably well, many are failing to add extra value by using things like video and editorial content to promote their products.

This is the verdict of a dotCommerce study released today, which has looked at the websites of 20 online retailers in the UK, and benchmarked them against 24 best practice guidelines.