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Q&A: Cisco's Doug Webster

doub webster ciscoEngaging. Compelling. Fun. Viral. All terms you don't think of when you think of B2B marketing, right? Well, think again. Or better yet, read on to learn how Cisco is making content fun...and even funny...and nevertheless sells million-dollars routers and other high-tech infrastructure technology.

Doug Wester, Cisco's director of strategic communications in Cisco's worldwide service provider marketing division shares all.

Q: How long have you been at Cisco and what specifically do you oversee?

Doug Webster: I’m a senior director of our service provider marketing team, and I’ve been at Cisco for 12 years now. I came in from an acquisition years ago. Now I’m in charge of or leading our go-to market marketing for our service provider line of business. When we do marketing, it’s through—any company that offers you broadband, television, phone, or mobile services. These are very big companies, some of which have over 100,000 employees. They tend to be global in nature, and because of their size, the overall link to the sales engagement can actually be quite long, oftentimes two years.