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How big a problem is digital piracy? Who knows?

One of the best ways to start a flame war online: make a claim about the costs of online piracy.

Some, of course, argue that online piracy isn't a problem. Free downloads are free promotion, the argument usually goes. Others, especially those in media industries that have found adjusting to the internet difficult, claim that online piracy is responsible for their woes.

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Pink Floyd tracks: goodbye cruel (digital) world?

Interested in taking a trip back to the 1960s and 70s? You had better download individual tracks of your favorite Pink Floyd songs quickly.

Thanks to a High Court ruling that gave Pink Floyd a small victory over record label EMI in a battle over millions in royalties, individual tracks of the legendary rock band's music could potentially leave the digital world at some point.


Spotify launches MP3 download service

Spotify, the joyous music app, has launched an updated download service, seemingly in a bid to generate additional revenue.

The move comes a month or so after Spotify enabled offline access for both the deskptop and iPhone app. It makes it much easier to purchase songs, by promoting the download service via highly visible icons. Previously you had to jump through hoops if you wanted to buy music via Spotify.

Songs cost 79p and full albums are available for £7.99, though not every song or album can currently be purchased. Downloads can be added to Spotify playlists in the usual way.