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Six design tips for great mobile apps

appsBuilding a mobile app may be all the rage right now, but it's still a potential marketing misfire. You should always take time to consider exactly why you are investing in an app and how useful it will be for your customers.

Is your business best represented through a branded social media, games, digital brochures or another service entirely?

That said, the continuing growth in mobile commerce and mobile use in general means that a well considered app can be a valuable addition to your marketing arsenal, connecting you directly with customers who will increasingly engage while on the move.


There's a lawyer for that: AT&T sues Verizon over new commercials

Telecom giant AT&T may be more than happy to partner with Apple, who makes fun of its top competitor daily with the now infamous Mac vs. PC ads, but the company is a little thin skinned when it comes to getting mentioned in its competitor's ads.

Today AT&T sued Verizon over the company's "There's a map for that" Droid ads. AT&T is asking for unspecified damages and a temporary restraining order to keep Verizon from running the ads, which say that AT&T customers are "out of touch" in places that do not have 3G capabilities.

Unfortunately for AT&T, the allegations aren't off base.