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What can DSGi do about its employees' Facebook group?

As reported at the end of last week, staff from DSGi group, which runs Dixons and PC World, have set up a Facebook group which includes several posts slagging off customers.

The DSGi employees' Facebook group, which has 3,000 members, is marked as unofficial, but it will still cause plenty of embarrassment to the company, and won't go down too well with any customers whoh happen to read it.


DSGi sites take the day off

Three of DSGi's major UK e-commerce sites were down for maintenance for a large part of the day yesterday, with Currys, PC World and Dixons all displaying error messages for visitors.

The retail group is expected to report disappointing like-for-like sales figures this week, and can ill-afford the loss of a day's online trading in such economic circumstances.

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