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Study: Generic call-to-action ads don't work

Adding a call-to-action element into digital ads may seem like a quick and easy way to increase conversion rates, but according to a new study from Dynamic Logic, call-to-action ads don't affect brand performance.

Campaigns only looking for one specific action from consumers may benefit from call-to-action elements, but for the rest, success once again comes down to ad quality.


Online ad effectiveness depends on good creative. But measurement and targeting still matter.

Online ad buyers spend a lot of time focusing on measurement, placement and targeting, but according to Dynamic Logic, bad creative is really to blame for poorly performing online ads. The online-ad-research group's latest study found creative to be the most important factor in ad reception and recommends brands focus on that above any other factors in creating and deploying ads online.

Obviously the quality of creative plays into ad effectiveness, but even the best creative won't eradicate all the deployment issues that marketers struggle with online.

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Dynamic Logic: Does size matter in display ads?

Advertisers typically pay more money for larger ads, but as it turns out, brands may want to save their money when it comes to buying ads that grab viewers' attention. 

According to a new study by Dynamic Logic, trusty half banners and rectangles integrated into the content of a website still perform best online.

Ad effectiveness still comes down to the quality of creative, but with display ads, integrating advertising into editorial content may be more important than simply ratcheting up the size of an ad.


Mobile ads perform better than ads online. For now.

Mobile advertising may still be a nascent market compared to online and traditional advertising, but its performance rates are often higher. For instance, mobile display ads have five to ten times higher click-through rates than banner ads online. Those numbers are impressive, but can they last?

At the IAB Marketplace: Mobile conference on Monday, the consensus was unsurprisingly yes. Mobile marketers and advertisers are pleased with how their medium has been performing in the downturn. And they were more concerned with the sucess of what is currently out there than the reach of mobile advertising as compared to online.

But will mobile advertising sucess rates continue when the novelty wears off?