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How brands can say sorry like they mean it

It doesn’t take much to deescalate a situation, just a simple, honest admission of guilt and a heartfelt apology.

There is an art to it though and occasionally it will take more than “I’m sorry” to set something right, but in the recent few weeks I’ve received various communications with companies, many of which unsolicited, that have restored my faith in the world of online customer service.

Let’s take a look at a few examples and discuss how these emails and tweets have mastered the art of apologising.


When should you give away something for free?

Giving away products for free is far from sustainable, but then again there's a time and a place for everything.

Google's Mobile Algorithm

How brands should embrace the new Google mobile algorithm

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would expand its use of 'mobile-friendliness' as a ranking signal on 21 April 2015.


Four key highlights from our new Technology for Ecommerce Report 2015

Fantastic news for retailers: the ecommerce marketplace is maturing and the cost of ecommerce platforms is generally declining.

However the demand for services and solutions remains high, which means there’s an ever-growing appetite for new functionality to help businesses increase sales, improve customer engagement, reduce costs and extend their reach.

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Three ways retailers can raise prices without losing customers

When retailers increase their prices, they run the risk of losing customers. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Start Me Up! A profile of Earth Bathrooms

Earth Bathrooms is an online-only bathroom retailer seeking to differentiate itself from bricks and mortar showrooms through its commitment to customer service, a larger product range and quality design.

I talked to Shane Quigley, the CEO of Earth Bathrooms about the business and its plans for future growth.


Pull & Bear’s very intriguing search tool

Pull & Bear is a Spanish clothing retailer that although only opening a handful of stores so far in the UK, has more than 870 branches worldwide.

Its four year-old ecommerce site was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about Zara and its ‘unique’ onsite search tool on the blog.


How Urban Outfitters can improve in joining offline with online

Urban Outfitters is an ever increasing presence on the UK high street and has been in the news repeatedly over the last 12 months for various t-shirt related controversies.

Yet despite this ubiquity I have never actually visited its site before writing this article today. Shameful I know. is an interesting site, with a few unique features. Some of them work, some of them don’t, but my primary concern here is the disconnect between its online business and its offline stores.


Three brands that prove the relationship between pricing and positioning

The way retailers choose to position their brand often justifies different price points.

These three brands are proof of that.


Are banking websites in need of an update?

Many banking websites occupy a space on the web that seems resolutely stuck in the recent past.

Most of the popular high street banks don’t operate responsively designed desktop sites, instead choosing a separate mobile site.

Many have homepages that are text heavy, offering a huge array of navigation and product options, but little in the way of persuasive design.


12 illuminating ecommerce stats from January-March 2015

Every week we publish a round-up of the best digital marketing stats, and every month we update our gigantic Internet Statistics Compendium. We basically love stats here at Econsultancy and we've got loads of them.

Which is why I I’ve decided to start collecting some of the most interesting stats from the last few months here in a handy digest.

So here are some interesting and hopefully useful stats taken from the world of ecommerce.


How French Connection can improve its multichannel promise

French Connection announced this week that almost a quarter of its sales took place online in 2014.

Ecommerce represents 23% of its total retail revenue, which is 20% up from the previous year and as also reported in InternetRetailing 24% of all orders were fulfilled using its click and collect service. This follows its recent investment in multichannel services, from the website platform to the warehouse.

Lets take a look at French Connection and examine how the retailer can improve its multichannel standing, paying particular attention to delivery, returns, mobile and social customer service.