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Consumers want brands to support their well-being: study

More than half of consumers feel they aren't sure how to achieve well-being, and many feel that brands can help them figure it out. 

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Why people hate Klout, and how to fix it

Since inception, online influencer targeting has been a fraught activity.

In the early 2000s, brands had to fight the temptation to simply create their own fake influencers. Perfection of mommy blog targeting (one product for you and one to give away to your fans) was often achieved at the cost of polarizing their community over issues of authenticity. If individuals can’t trust their community leaders to not be unduly influenced by what are perceived as bribes, who can they trust?

Klout, which familiarized a mass of consumers with influence measurement, has regularly been the subject of withering criticism. “Kill me if I Klout,” wrote the gadget-catchall Gizmodo. “If I've ever interacted with Klout... punch me in the face,” said the net-comic XKCD.

Econsultancy's latest report, Influencer Channels: From Klout to Klouchebag, takes a look at these issues, asks why, and explores ways for marketers to effectively work around these antipathies.


Edelman's 2012 Trust Barometer reveals good news for digital marketers

Edelman’s Trust Barometer for 2012, launched yesterday globally and today with specific data for the UK, reveals a "systemic decline in trust" according to the PR agency. 

Yet for digital marketers, the growth of the receiver of trust being a ‘person like me’ could spell huge potential.


Q&A: Edelman’s Monte Lutz on why PR firms are “owning” social

Monte Lutz, SVP digital, EdelmanAre PR firms better at developing great social media strategies than digital or traditional creative agencies? Ask a brand with a social media “crisis” on its hands – and the answer may be yes.

At global PR agency Edelman, there’s a focus on evolving “social crisis management” into a unique expertise as well as a thought process infusing clients’ overall strategies. Monte Lutz, the firm’s SVP of digital, chatted with us about how and why that’s happening. 


Consumers are moving to digital for entertainment. And they may be ready to pay.

Good news for paid content. The internet is closing in on television as a popular source of entertainment for consumers. According to a new study from Edelman, more people go to the internet for entertainment than ever before.

Those numbers still need to grow substantially for online advertising revenue to outpace the "digital dimes" that it currently earns compared to TV, but there is a bit of silver lining in terms of charging for online content. Consumers this year are more likely than ever to chose paying for content versus making personal concessions to access free content. That means media companies may be moving toward a reprieve from the "tyranny of free" online.

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Is social media destroying trust in friends?

Just as marketers increase their spending on social media marketing comes potentially discouraging news: consumers are trusting their friends a whole lot less.

According to AdAge, the 2010 Edelman Financial Services U.S. Trust Barometer found that only 25% of those surveyed considered friends and peers to be credible sources of information. That's down from 45% in 2008.