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What is a decent email marketing response rate?

Despite all the data you’ve acquired from measuring your email marketing campaign – deliverability, open-rates, conversions – how do you know whether this data compares favourably with your competitors’ efforts or not?

Imagine you’re a travel company running an email campaign and your figures say you currently have a 20% open rate with a 3% click-through rate, how do you know if this is good or bad?

To the non-professional marketer the above figure seems quite low, but according to a variety of sources including MailChimp this is that particular industry’s average. 

Using our own 200 page Email Marketing Best Practice Guide I’m going to try and answer the question of what makes for good email marketing benchmarks and hopefully highlight some figures that may act as a handy reference.


22% of marketing emails fail to reach the subscriber's inbox: report

Just over one in five (22%) commercial emails sent globally on the first half of 2013 never made it to the subscriber’s inbox, according to a new report from Return Path.

This means that billions of messages sent with the intended recipient’s permission were either bumped into the spam folder or, more commonly, didn’t reach the inbox at all.

Furthermore, the global inbox placement rate actually declined slightly versus the first half of 2012, dropping 4% year-on-year.

Obviously on the plus side the good news is that 78% of marketing messages do reach their intended recipient.

Deliverability is one of the topics covered in our Email Marketing Census 2013. According to the responding companies (58%) clean and up-to-date lists have the biggest impact on improving deliverability, and this has increased by 4% since 2012.

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Poor quality data is the biggest barrier to effective email marketing: report

Poor quality data is the biggest barrier to effective email marketing, according to the new Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Census 2013.

Half (50%) of respondents stated that the quality of their email database caused problems with their email campaigns, meaning that it has been the most common barrier for three years running.

A further 43% cited a lack of strategy as a key problem, followed by lack of time (41%) and poor segmentation (39%).

The Email Marketing Census looks at the amount and type of email marketing carried out by organisations, the way that email marketing is conducted, issues affecting the industry and the effectiveness of email compared to other digital marketing channels.

More 1,300 respondents took part in the 2013 Census, which took the form of an online survey in January and February 2013.


Six email deliverability lessons that you can learn from SEO

Six email deliverability lessons learned from SEO

Search engine optimisation and email marketing are two completely different parts of online marketing mix.

One might say that email marketing is the last resort of the online domain where SEO has no role.

But the two aren’t totally unrelated, so what can you learn from SEO to improve your deliverability?


Who is responsible for deliverability? The ESP or the mailer?

Recent meetings with clients and prospects has raised this issue to the top of my mind: who exactly is responsible for deliverability?

And by ‘responsible’, who carries the can if it all goes wrong?


16% of email marketers don't measure inbox deliverability

Knowing whether or not your emails are reaching the consumer’s inbox is one of the most basic measurements of email marketing.

Yet a new survey of 333 senior marketing executives by Return Path shows that 16% of marketers have no way of tracking email deliverability

In fact only 41% of respondents said they had the information readily available in a dashboard.

The difficulty that marketers have in measuring campaign success is reflected in the fact that 26% of marketers claimed that knowing how to optimise email marketing was the greatest challenge they faced, while 24% said that analysing campaign results was the biggest challenge.


It's 2010. Do you know where your email is?

global email deliverability ratesEmail deliverability remains a problem, particularly in North America, where 20 percent of permission-based commercial email  landed in the junk folder or wasn't delivered at all.

Things went slightly better last year in Europe where 3.6 percent of the same type of email was junked and another 11 percent went missing entirely. The Asia Pacific region performed marginally better.