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Get SMART with mobile

All too often organizations take a backwards approach to developing a mobile product offering and begin with a technology decision rather than a strategic plan. Statements like "We need an iPhone app" or "Let's do something with SMS" lead to siloed approaches and marketing fragmentation.

Success in mobile demands a systematic approach that begins with understanding your customers mobile usage, determining your product suitability to a mobile offering, defining your business objectives, and evaluating your level of commitment. Only once all of these steps are completed should you begin to implement the necessary technologies to achieve your mobile objectives.

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Solving puzzles and teaching pigs to sing: the human side of web analytics

In our 2012 Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide published this week, one of the trends we have identified within this  industry is the continued importance of people in getting value from web analytics.

One of the contributors to the guide is Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and chairman of the Web Analytics Association. At the recent eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in London, Jim gave a keynote entitled The Human Side of Marketing Analytics. Below are some of the key takeaways I identified.


Benchmarking site performance can be misleading

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to drive improvement for your website. Although it is obviously interesting and insightful to compare how your website is performing against your peers and competitors, it can be a mistake to place too much emphasis on external industry benchmarks.

These external benchmarks can be misleading and often end up with you finding the benchmark that fits your story, giving a false impression of success.