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EMI's NOW app downloaded 10,000 times in first week

EMI has revealed that 10,000 people have downloaded its new music app, ‘NOW That’s What I Call an App’, in the first week since its launch.

As the name suggests, the iPhone app creates a library of all the music included on EMI’s 'NOW' music archive.

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Pink Floyd tracks: goodbye cruel (digital) world?

Interested in taking a trip back to the 1960s and 70s? You had better download individual tracks of your favorite Pink Floyd songs quickly.

Thanks to a High Court ruling that gave Pink Floyd a small victory over record label EMI in a battle over millions in royalties, individual tracks of the legendary rock band's music could potentially leave the digital world at some point.


Are pirates the record labels' best customers?

According to new figures released by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, total global music sales dropped by more than 8% in 2008. In the US, total sales were down nearly 19%. The drop comes despite double-digit gains in digital music sales, which are still too small to put a dent in the decline of physical music sales.

You can be sure that digital piracy will receive some of the blame for 2008's slide. And to be fair, record labels have every right to be upset about the infringement of their intellectual property rights.

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