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Top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time

In honour of Super Bowl XLVIII, the Wildcats at Unruly have shared with us their latest research on Super Bowl ads and have also revealed the top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time.

Last year’s collection of Super Bowl ads attracted twice as many shares as the previous year, in fact the number of video shares has grown 30x in the last three years. The trend is set to continue in 2014 with brand new ads from Budweiser, a British villains themed Jaguar ad and a Scarlett Johansson starring SodaStream set to be unveiled.

Here are some of the highlights from Unruly’s research, followed by the top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time.


US court: digital music sales are like CD sales

You can't fault them for trying, but a federal jury handed Eminem's former production company defeat in its lawsuit against Universal Music Group (UMG).

The company's lawsuit asked the question: should digital sales of Eminem's music be treated like physical sales or were they part of a licensing agreement?